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Thoughts on the First Snow

First of all, the title is not entirely true. Sort of a misnomer. I grew up in Tennessee where yes, it does snow and at least get regularly cold in the winter. Then I moved to Chicago, where it really … Continue reading

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Beyond a Theatre Review: New (to me), Toronto Theatre That Excites Me

Although I haven’t posted reviews about all of them, I have been to many more shows in the past few months since I first moved to Toronto. I’m always going to a reading or performance event at least once or … Continue reading

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On Stage: MMLA 2013

I love that I have friends from many different stages of life. Why? Because they still support and push me. Every once and a while, I need someone who knows my history to give me a little boost–especially when its … Continue reading

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Strong Tears, Artist’s Tears

I cry a lot. This isn’t an easy statement for me to make. I have worked hard to make sure that my sensitive nature and my anxiety do not rule what can I can and cannot do. Much of the … Continue reading

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Rewards for the Soul

Written 11/6/13 As a graduate student and a perfectionist, I constantly am asking myself, “Is this productive?” Now, as the end of the semester approaches, it’s even harder to answer that question affirmatively if what I’m doing doesn’t directly pertain … Continue reading

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Getting Lost: Advice from Tomson Highway and Ken Gass

I’ve attended a lot events since I moved to Toronto: film festivals, gallery tours, author readings, festivals, and of course many many theater performances. Sometimes it seems I’m almost more clued in to the fun, cultural events than some of … Continue reading

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Beyond a Theatre Review: Tough! and Moss Park by George F. Walker

When I first moved to Toronto, my best non-theater friend raved about George F. Walker. She remembers his name as a playwright above many others, which is impressive since she is bad with names (and claims this proudly). When I … Continue reading

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