Still Making Theatre: June Week in Review

Sometimes it feels like I’m in Lala-land, just a blank page stuck in between two chapters of my life, wondering how the transition out of graduate school into “the real world” (finally? it feels like we young adults look at every transition as the one into this real world) will play out in the fall. And then I look back on this week and the week upcoming and think, “Well, I’m definitely not sitting around waiting for the world to set things up for me.” But I guess it’s the Rice Owl/overachiever in me that keeps wondering if I could be doing more . . .

  • Monday: mini-LMDA conference (Literary Managers and Dramaturges of America)–I met great theater artists, listened in on great panels, and now am writing about it in a very exciting way, details to follow as soon as everything is published and final.
  • Tuesday and Thursday: TWO days at the Shaw Festival, with two new experiences. I gave a pre-show talk on The Charity that Began at Home, which reminded me that when I get to talk about playwrights and theatre history I don’t have to be that nervous. This is what I love so sharing the fun facts that inspire me with a group of curious theater-goers . . . what could be better? The second visit included a workshop for a new play. I realized that I’ve never been to a workshop for a new play as a dramaturge. It was eye-opening both for my playwright and dramaturge selves. I’m really loving my internship at Shaw right now.
  • Friday: Collective creation group met to finally start diving into the content of our first production in August. The collaboration is beginning to light some creative fires for me.
  • Saturday: READING OF MY PLAY!!! Not only did my Bread and Honey church service do a staged reading of my short play Patterson’s Time, but a bunch of my friends showed up to support me. It’s a great start to the summer season and a reminder of all the support I have here in Toronto as a playwright and as a person.


June is flying by. Next time I post probably won’t be until well into July, after my trip to the 2014 Encuentro in Montreal, two more visits from friends, and my first taste of the Toronto Fringe Festival. This hasn’t turned out to be the relaxing summer I thought it would be, but it does seem to be moving me forward. Always moving forward.

AND if you are in Toronto, be sure to check out New Art Night either Saturday June 21st or Monday June 23rd at Videofag, 8 pm, Pay-what-you-think-it’s-worth. A work I’ve been dramaturging is included those nights and is sure to be funny. Plus my voice will be there, even if I’ll be in Montreal. I need your help to see/hear how it goes!

About austinausten88

Playwright in love with Classic films, afternoon tea, and Noel Coward. She recently graduated from Rice University. In the fall, she will be exchanging her English major undergraduate status for that of Theatre & Performance Studies graduate student.
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