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My Birthday Wish

Dear Friend: Yesterday I received an email from a friend that made me almost skip down the street (so I just sort of ran and grinned like a maniac instead). Why? Because she said she had new stationary and was going … Continue reading

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Being There: How Showing Up Reveals the Most Splendid Surprises

Recently I’ve often found myself saying that it feels like Canada and Toronto (and my neighborhood even more particularly) have been sending me little signs to say, “You are in the right place. Stay here.” They are very specific and targeted to … Continue reading

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Perseverant? Why, yes I am.

Perseverance . . .  A couple of times this year and last year I was told by important people–my thesis advisor at Rice and the career advisor at York–that I am determined, driven, and organized about pursuing my dreams to … Continue reading

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Beyond a Cafe Review: Tango Palace Coffee Company

I’ve been to many cafes in Toronto. This one takes the crown. Big statement from me, I know. But this place has been tried and tested by the people I trust and care about most. It’s become the barometer against … Continue reading

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What does it mean “To Make Manifest”?

I didn’t pay too much attention to the theme of the Hemispheric Institute’s 2014 Encuentro before I arrived in Montreal and found the logo sticker on the door of every Concordia building designated for the conference. A little hand print … Continue reading

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What happened after my TED Talk? I quit my job, wrote a book, grew my organization, and promoted a US postage stamp in Times Square

Originally posted on TED Blog:
Hannah Brencher carried a USPS mail crate with her when she spoke at TED@NYC. Photo: Ryan Lash Hannah Brencher strolled onstage to give her TED Talk, “Love letters to strangers,” with a US Postal Service…

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