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365 Little Happy Moments

accidentally awesome research for Arthur and The Twilight Zone Emails from Paloma and Judith and Diane, excited about my writing Watching the Christmas movies from years past; home movies!!! (I am a ham for real though) Last year, as graduate school ended … Continue reading

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One Year Out: Positive Post-Graduate Update

I’ve been looking forward to posting this for a few months. Why? Because considering last year by the numbers helped me see the positive, amazing work I did during my graduate program at York University. I know that most people … Continue reading

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It’s Not a Performance: Essay on HowlRound

Finally I can share my report on Indy Convergence. I attended two “pop-up” residencies in April and May this past spring. They pulled me out of a sort of post-grad, post-winter depression and back into fully embracing the creative process. … Continue reading

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What’s on the East End? MAGIC

I have always lived in Toronto’s East End. Three different addresses, all well east of Broadview station. I’ve heard that the West End is the place to be, the place voted hippest, trendiest, [insert another posh adjective here] neighborhood to … Continue reading

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