#31days31plays Week 2

The second week got creepier… in a good way.

It included Ophelia resuscitated on a spaceship in the future. And a last minute finish for Day 14–but not a day missed yet.

A basement bunker. Two women sleep on cots. Well, STACY sleeps. She really sleeps–snoring loudly. It’s pretty clear she’s out. On the next cot, AMBER tosses and turns.

A loud thump from outside. AMBER sits up.

AMBER: What was that? Stacy?

STACY snores.

AMBER: Oh God. It’s fine. It’s okay. The locks will hold. The barriers before that, the cloaking–

Another crash.

AMBER: (wincing) They can’t hear us. We’re safe. I checked. Jumped up and down and screamed while you were outside. When you were still packing and searching for Zach…

AMBER breaks off. Emotional, she stifles a sob. STACY snores.

AMBER: How can you sleep?

STACY snores.

AMBER: How do you make your mind calm enough to forget? We could be all that’s left. Of the human race. Safe for now, but… we’re it. We only have each other.

AMBER listens to STACY snore. It calms her down. She snuggles back down into her cot and tries to go back to sleep. A moment later, just as AMBER is nodding off, STACY sits straight up in her cot.

STACY: The laundry is… (dissolves into mumbling).

AMBER: Stacy?

STACY: (Mumbling)… I have to get it…

AMBER: Huh? Go back to sleep.

STACY: Or he’ll get it first…

AMBER: Stace, what are you talking about?

AMBER goes over to STACY. Realizes she’s still asleep.

AMBER: It’s okay. Just lie back down.

AMBER tries to pull the sheets back over STACY, but STACY pushes them off and moves her feet to the floor.

AMBER: No, no, let’s just go back to sleep.

STACY: He tracks mud… (mumbling). Must feed him…

AMBER: It’s just a dream–


STACY stands up.

AMBER: Stacy, wake up now.

AMBER takes STACY’s hand, and tries to pull her back down to the cot. She won’t budge.

AMBER: He’s not out there. There’s no one out there anymore. It’s just a dream.

STACY begins moaning, almost like a zombie.

AMBER: No, no, please don’t do this. Wake up!

AMBER claps her hands in front of STACY’s face. No change.

AMBER: (yelling) Wake up!

No change. AMBER grabs STACY by the shoulders and shakes her.

AMBER: Wake up! You’re all I have left. You are NOT a zombie. You are not. Wake up, just wake up!

Suddenly, STACY grabs AMBER with amazing strength and throws her across the room. AMBER tries to get up, but boxes fall on top of her. A thump from outside.

AMBER: Stacy please. I’m stuck.

STACY turns and begins walking toward the door.

STACY: He needs … just outside…

AMBER: No! Stacy, no! (moans in pain) Don’t do it, wake up, please!

STACY unlocks the door and opens it wide.

STACY: Come here Princess! Time for dinner.

Zombie moaning can be heard. STACY still asleep, turns back into the room, goes to her cot, and lies back down.

AMBER: Stacy?

STACY snores.

AMBER: No, no, no, no, no. (yelps in pain) I can’t– I can’t move. I can’t–

STACY snores. Zombies sounds get louder.

AMBER: The door. Stacy, please. Get the door. They’re coming. They’re–get the door, please. We can’t, you can’t–wake up! Wake up! Please just wake up. Stacy!

The lights cut out. Shuffling and moaning of the zombies is right in the room now.

STACY: (awake voice): Amber?

AMBER: Oh God.

STACY: What happened to the lights?

AMBER: (hysterical shushing) Shhhh, shhhh.

STACY flicks on a flashlight to find herself surrounded by zombies. She screams bloody murder. They crowd her and the flashlight goes out.

About austinausten88

Playwright in love with Classic films, afternoon tea, and Noel Coward. She recently graduated from Rice University. In the fall, she will be exchanging her English major undergraduate status for that of Theatre & Performance Studies graduate student.
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