#31days31plays Week 3

I didn’t think that these short plays would capture anything but my silliest thoughts.

This play from Thursday morning October 18th does capture something more.

OLIVIA, young woman, kneels before a wishing well.

OLIVIA: Please help me. Please, please. I want him to feel what I feel. What he has done to me… I need this. Please, please, please.

She drops a coin into the well. It plops into the water and echoes. OLIVIA bows her head and murmurs further prayers. She nods and stands up, as if to leave.

FAIRY (VO): Is that your true wish?

OLIVIA jerks back around. She sees no one at the well.

FAIRY (VO): I’m here only to fulfill true wishes, the ones at the core of one’s very heart and soul.

OLIVIA watches as mist spouts from the wishing well in wisps, then a fount. A small winged creature, FAIRY, leaps out and alights on the well’s stony edge.

OLIVIA: You… did hear my wish.

FAIRY: I did.

OLIVIA: And you are going to grant it? Really?

FAIRY: If I heard it correctly.

OLIVIA: I want him to feel what I feel.

FAIRY: He? Who is he?

OLIVIA: My abuser.

FAIRY: His name?

OLIVIA: I’d rather not…

FAIRY: Hmmmm.

OLIVIA: Does that mean you can’t do it?

FAIRY: Oh I can do it.

FAIRY shudders.

FAIRY: I have to do it. But I’m nervous about letting the magic flow like this. For so wide and vague a command

OLIVIA: I can describe him. Or show you a picture… just wait one minute!

OLIVIA pulls out her phone and begins to scroll through pictures and contacts. FAIRY squirms and tries to fight off the rising magic. But she cannot. She shudders and sneezes–the magic radiating out from her into OLIVIA.

OLIVIA: Bless you.

FAIRY: Oh no.

OLIVIA: Oh no what?

FAIRY: Too late. I couldn’t hold it back.


FAIRY: The magic. When the wish is so clear, it’s difficult to delay. Gosh darned it.

OLIVIA: So… it worked?

FAIRY: Of course.

OLIVIA: It worked. My wish… whoa! Thank you!

FAIRY: Wait!

OLIVIA does not heed or hear her. She races away. FAIRY gulps and leaps back into the wishing well.

This play is not complete. I cannot wait to go back and add to it!

Come back next week for the last official update and the last few days of #31days31plays 2018.

About austinausten88

Playwright in love with Classic films, afternoon tea, and Noel Coward. She recently graduated from Rice University. In the fall, she will be exchanging her English major undergraduate status for that of Theatre & Performance Studies graduate student.
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