#31days31plays Last Week

It was harder to pick just one from the last week (and a bit) of #31days31plays. Here’s the final “play” I wrote:

Park. BOY and GIRL sit on a bench.

BOY: It’s the last day.

No response.

BOY: How do you feel?

GIRL shrugs.

BOY: Come on.
Say something.

GIRL: Uh uh.

BOY: We can’t just wait in silence.

GIRL: Uh huh.


BOY: I can’t. I don’t know how you– aren’t you? What are you going to miss?

GIRL shrugs again and turns away.

BOY: Nothing? You don’t know?
I do. I will miss speaking. Out loud. With the breath moving my chest up and down. My lungs expand. They contract. In and out–everything moves! All the time. And not just around me. I am part of it.

GIRL: I know.

BOY: You do? Really? Because you’re just sitting there, hugging your arms to your body. You don’t talk, you won’t look at me. Pretending it’s already over–

GIRL: Please don’t.

BOY: It’s like you’d rather be… stone.

GIRL: Not true.

BOY: Just sitting right where you will in a few hours.


BOY: You have a plan?


BOY: Then what?


BOY: I won’t let you do this. It hurts me, too.

BOY grabs her by the shoulders and turns her around to face him. Tears fall down her cheeks. He looks down at her fists. They are clenched so hard that blood drips out.

GIRL: I’m not stone. I feel it all.

BOY: What are you doing?

GIRL: Trying to hold it in.

BOY: You’re hurting yourself.

GIRL: It’s too much.

BOY: No, no, please.

GIRL: I can’t–we don’t have time–

GIRL gasps.

GIRL: Oh no.

They look down–her feet have turned to stone.

BOY: No, it can’t be.

GIRL: It’s starting.

BOY: It’s not supposed to–

GIRL: It is.

BOY: No, no, no.

He joins her on the bench.

BOY: It can’t be. The spell said until–

GIRL: All Hallow’s Eve.

BOY: But it’s not yet!

GIRL: Not here. But somewhere.

BOY: They tricked us. They trapped us. They cheated us in the end. It’s not fair!

BOY tries to lift an arm for emphasis, but it is already frozen as stone.

GIRL: No it isn’t.

BOY: How much longer do we have?

GIRL shakes her head.

GIRL: It’s not up to me.

BOY: But–

GIRL: We got a taste.

BOY: Too short.

GIRL: Too long.

BOY: Don’t say that.

GIRL: We were happy before.

BOY: We were nothing.

GIRL: It was fake. Before. What we were–just a moment. Now we know what happens before.

BOY: No. We are more than that.

GIRL: I don’t know.

BOY: You bleed!

GIRL: For now. I can already feel it quickening in my veins. Turning back to grit and gluing together.

BOY cries.

GIRL: Hey.

BOY: What?

GIRL: Is it sticking in you, too?

BOY: Uh huh.

BOY sniffles.

BOY: No tears left. They dried up.
And my breath is going. My lungs- ah!

GIRL: Were we this close before?

BOY: I… don’t… know. Can you feel that?

GIRL: Mmhm. It’s… okay.

BOY: No….

GIRL: We’re going… together.

BOY: Yes…

GIRL: Wait! Please–

BOY: Wha…

GIRL: Kiss me…

BOY takes all his remaining effort and learns forward. They kiss. GIRL sighs her last and relaxes. They freeze into place: caught in the kiss.

A couple walks into the park. As they walk past–

WOMAN: Hey. Look at the lovers.

MAN: Huh?

WOMAN: The lovers. There’s something different.

MAN: Really?

WOMAN: They’re closer than there were before. Look, see?

MAN shrugs. They walk out of the park.

I did it!

That is *technically* the end of #31days31plays. But it was so much fun that I can promise a couple of things:

  • This was only the first challenge.
  • I will post more snippets of work in progress. Because why not?

If you had a favorite play, please write me at margaretsulc@gmail.com or reply in the comments.

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Playwright in love with Classic films, afternoon tea, and Noel Coward. She recently graduated from Rice University. In the fall, she will be exchanging her English major undergraduate status for that of Theatre & Performance Studies graduate student.
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