Audition Notice for The Familiar

The Familiar audition notice 1

I posted this copiously on social media, both mine and the show’s @thefamiliar, but in case you didn’t see it there…

We are casting for the first four episodes of The Familiar!

The Familiar is an anthology audio fiction. Each episode our narrator Leo tells a tale that might feel like expected, but contains a slight twist or surprise. From science fiction, fantasy, history, and horror, The Familiar reveals the unfamiliar in the everyday.

We are casting the following roles:


Identifies as female or non-binary. Sounds female but not with a super femme voice. More of an alto than a soprano. Age is difficult to place in the recordings, as she may be young and sound old. Or old and sounds young. Either way, her voice is uniquely her’s. Sounds more confident as the season progresses and whenever she speaks about the things she loves: travel, stories, and books. When other topics come up, she recedes and reveals a shy side of her personality. There are secrets lying beneath her friendly, welcoming voice which will be revealed as the series progresses.

**Leo is the main narrator for the series and will introduce and then wrap up every episode. Must be available and excited to build an arc for this narrator throughout the series.


Woman in her 20’s. Sounds young, but smart. Rational in her irrationality. Terrified and whispering at first, but that hides an amazing strength underneath. A true warrior in disguise. Preferably has stage fighting experience or voice acting for action sequences.


Man in his 20s. Sounds older than Olivia and more sure in his statements. Exhausted to the point of feeling belabored, like anyone who interrupts him is acting childish. Impatient. Underneath though he is purposefully ignorant. Must have a great snore and blood-curdling lady scream.


Scrappy, skinny raccoon. No clearly defined gender. Unsure about anything outside their home environment, but very strict and disciplined on everything inside their domain. Isolated and not used to interacting with other raccoons.

*Must be available for multiple episode arc across the series.


Affable, chubby raccoon. No clearly defined gender. For a heavier set raccoon who loves food, they are not slow. Has a keen sense of smell that leads them all over the place, often getting them lost from the rest of the raccoon pack. Loyal and very friendly. They are no stranger to being left out and go out of their way to reach out to others.

*Must be available for multiple episode arc across the series.

For the audition sides, please email Audition recordings are due by March 31st.

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Playwright in love with Classic films, afternoon tea, and Noel Coward. She recently graduated from Rice University. In the fall, she will be exchanging her English major undergraduate status for that of Theatre & Performance Studies graduate student.
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