Creative Projects

Creative Writing

I’ve been writing short stories since I was in elementary school. Of course, until fourth grade, they were only 2 sentences long and usually began with “Once Upon a Time.”

Young Writers’ Workshop helped me practice poetry in 2006, embrace the fiction writer I always wanted to be in 2007, and mold me into the playwright/screenwriter/$criptwriter I am at my core in 2008.

My first two plays were produced at Rice University in spring 2010 (somewhere never travelled, Winner of the Rice Thresher’s Sammy award for Best New Play) and fall 2012 (The Failures).

Since moving to Toronto to complete my MA in Theatre and Performance Studies, I have interned for the literary management department at the Shaw Festival, served on the Emerging Artists Roundtable at Theatre Gargantua, worked as script coordinator for Tarragon Theatre’s English language premiere of Abyss by Maria Milisavljevic, and managed the Toronto Cold Reads’ social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Website).


Current theatre projects include dramaturging Transmission, a multi-sited performance about “aliens” for the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe developed in part at the Indy Convergence (my bio), and workshopping my play somewhere never travelled, the story of a relationship inspired by E.E. Cummings’ poem of a similar title (2013 script story here).

In Progress:
somewhere never travelled (full-length, 1M, 1W) *a new version
Raggedy’s Kingdom (full-length, 3W 1M): a play about haunted antique dolls initially developed through Storefront Theatre’s Playwrights’ Unit 2015-2016

The Failures (one-act, 1M, 2W, 1M or W) *can be YA friendly
Chair with Man (10 minute, 1M, 1W)
(Our) Eyes (10 minute, 1M, 1W)
Curfew Games (10 minute, 1M, 2W)– written for Unit 102’s 2nd spring Operation 24


I’m screenwriting (original pilots and spec scripts) for children’s animated television and a feature-length romantic comedy about courting friendship.

Patterson’s Time (short biopic): Dr. Clair Patterson’s 1952 road trip of faith and fear after correctly calculating the age of the Earth for the first time in human history.

The Arrivals Driver (short thriller/comedy): Late at night, a young man kicks two women out of their airport limousine for an alleged family emergency, but the arrivals driver won’t let any selfish acts go unpunished.

Balloons (short animated): Three balloons attempt to court buying grocery store customers, but the greeting cards are winning. When an escaped carnival balloon offers another future, will they take their chances in the skies or with the customers?

Radio plays

As for podcasting, stay tuned for more about ghost stories and what happens when the most terrified girl in the world turns to horror.

In progress: a radio play version of Patterson’s Time, the story of what happened after Dr. Clair Patterson first correctly calculated the age of the Earth.


Short story “Painting” published in The Collegiate Scholar, Fall 2010.


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