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Unwanted Miracles

It’s not a pretty day in Toronto, this Easter Sunday. It’s gloomy cloudy and since last evening the clear streets and beginnings of green lawns and gardens sprouting have been covered over by snow. Snow pouring down from the skies … Continue reading

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Post Mortem

Last week I visited Rice University. If you’re a Rice University young alum, you’re probably saying: “You were a week early!” To which I’ll reply,¬†Not this year. When I graduated almost two years ago, I thought I’d be dying to … Continue reading

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When I Don’t Need Advice from the Internet

This¬†article. There are a lot of lists like this spinning around the internet these days. I don’t seek them out. I find them on Facebook when other friends post them and think, “Sure, why not spend some of my surfing … Continue reading

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Getting Lost: Advice from Tomson Highway and Ken Gass

I’ve attended a lot events since I moved to Toronto: film festivals, gallery tours, author readings, festivals, and of course many many theater performances. Sometimes it seems I’m almost more clued in to the fun, cultural events than some of … Continue reading

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Miss Introvert Made Friends . . . and now she must get down to business

Written 9/21/13 My second week of classes at York was equally busy as my first, maybe even more so. I thought that I’d be stuck in the classroom and libraries by this point. I thought that it would be easier … Continue reading

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Note to Self: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

The last part of that title comes from a leadership camp I attended in middle school. Some of its advice has become dated and not as useful over the years, or it has slipped from my consciousness. But today this … Continue reading

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