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Beyond a Theatre Review: Well-Made Plays

Update 4/30/14: While reading a book on George Bernard Shaw this morning, I realized that I may have used the term “well-made play” inaccurately in this review. That being said, I don’t know what other term I could have/should have … Continue reading

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Beyond a Theatre Review: The State of Musicals, Maggie, and Toronto

I hope you weren’t expecting any more comparisons to the State of the Union address. No, I did not watch it this year. Bad American . . . except at least I can use the excuse that I’m in Canada. … Continue reading

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Being Ill: Social Stigma and Lonely as Heck

I’ve seen a few more plays (The Flood Thereafter and Venus in Fur both at CanStage plus a play reading at University of Toronto) in the past week, heard Jhumpa Lahiri speak, but it’s been harder to drag myself to the computer … Continue reading

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Beyond a Theatre Review: Taming of the Shrew by Canadian Stage/York, Shakespeare in High Park

Taming of the Shrew was the first Shakespeare play I ever read. In seventh grade, Mrs. Medlock decided it was high time that public schooling introduced us to The Bard. I had the “easy” edition which had the verse printed … Continue reading

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