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Oh the Horror: Writing into My Childhood Fear

I shouldn’t be awake. It’s too early. The good news, the improvement that has happened slowly over the past ten years and quickly over the past two months, is that I’m not awake after a fitful sleep all night. After … Continue reading

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My Southern Roots: Another Thought on Childhood

I seem to keep running into this idea of childhood and my childhood this summer. This time it happened due to my summer vacation back to the state and city where I grew up and where my grandma still lives today: Nashville, … Continue reading

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Back to Childhood Roots? Grown up? Somewhere in Between . . .

A few weeks ago a friend asked me: “Do you remember what it was like to be a kid?” At the time, I wasn’t really sure. The question took me by surprise, but the more I think over it, the … Continue reading

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My Personal Harry Potter History

Originally posted July 16, 2011. I know that the world is going Potter-crazy right now, but regardless I want to share my personal Harry Potter history.  It’s a big event because it has touched so many lives. My Harry Potter fandom … Continue reading

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