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Tea from the Source: Kyoto, Japan (Part 1)

Memory #2 from my first trip to Asia. Though I didn’t expect climbing Mount Fuji to slow me down to appreciate the present moment, I did expect it from another aspect of Asian culture–tea. So I made sure time on … Continue reading

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On Swimming: Can I Start the New Fitness Fad?

Last year it was yoga. Last summer it was running. Now, it’s swimming laps at the community pool around the block from my house. My personal exercise fads, born of necessity and only tangentially related to what the greater world, … Continue reading

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Resilient Reminders

End of the semester. I’ve seen some more shows and even been to the movie theater (VERONICA MARS!!!!), which is a nice change, but I’m finding it difficult to write my normal reviews and responses right now. It’s just the … Continue reading

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The end of the winter semester of graduate school in a new country with a wicked winter (it’s not just me I swear) after going through the debaucle of moving is exhausting. And that’s not everything; that’s just what I’m … Continue reading

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Fall a Little Early: Canadian Thanksgiving

It has been hard for me to write about last weekend. Not because it was bad–opposite in fact: it was such an escape that I haven’t wanted to remember that it’s now over and that graduate school work has restarted … Continue reading

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To Walk

I love walking. I guess I have for a long time, but it took me until this summer to put it into words. It hit me first when I was reading a book on the connection between healthy eating and … Continue reading

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