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Post Mortem

Last week I visited Rice University. If you’re a Rice University young alum, you’re probably saying: “You were a week early!” To which I’ll reply, Not this year. When I graduated almost two years ago, I thought I’d be dying to … Continue reading

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Resilient Reminders

End of the semester. I’ve seen some more shows and even been to the movie theater (VERONICA MARS!!!!), which is a nice change, but I’m finding it difficult to write my normal reviews and responses right now. It’s just the … Continue reading

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The end of the winter semester of graduate school in a new country with a wicked winter (it’s not just me I swear) after going through the debaucle of moving is exhausting. And that’s not everything; that’s just what I’m … Continue reading

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Beyond a Theatre Review: The State of Musicals, Maggie, and Toronto

I hope you weren’t expecting any more comparisons to the State of the Union address. No, I did not watch it this year. Bad American . . . except at least I can use the excuse that I’m in Canada. … Continue reading

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Third Time’s the Charm? Way Beyond a Theatre Review-Chair with Man

Just a week ago I was not in Toronto but in Lansing, MI to watch the production of my third play, Chair with Man, through Michigan State’s Theatre and English Departments. It may not have been the first time to see … Continue reading

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To Walk

I love walking. I guess I have for a long time, but it took me until this summer to put it into words. It hit me first when I was reading a book on the connection between healthy eating and … Continue reading

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Beyond a Book Review: Damage Control by Amber Dermont

There’s no good way to describe how I’ve been feeling these days. It’s been just under two weeks since I graduated from Rice. Two weeks exactly since I moved out of my home there, Martel college. It’s been two weeks on … Continue reading

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Undergraduate: Completed

Technically, I’m not officially finished with my undergraduate degree at Rice University. My final grades aren’t in and I haven’t donned the cap and gown and walked out of the Lovett Hall Sallyport. To embark upon the world beyond the … Continue reading

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The NEXT Threshold Approaches

There’s a reason I left this blog in the fall and a reason becoming increasingly apparent why I might need to return. The adventurous times are quickly approaching and like when I studied abroad, I think this new phase of … Continue reading

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Miracles and Failures: Keep Calm and Write on

Life happens so fast these days that it’s not worth keeping up with here. Not that I don’t want to, but I have gained so much over the past few months by letting myself live without the constant introspection. It … Continue reading

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