Writing for You

Let me write for you.

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I have always loved writing.

My mom took dictation before I could work the pen and pencil myself. My first poems about Halloween pumpkins were published in elementary school newsletters. Mrs. Hopper, my fourth grade teacher, read my first complete short story to our class.

Though I focus on writing plays and screenplays, I also love writing and researching for many other genres.

One of my favorite jobs was working as a communication consultant at Rice University’s Center for Written, Oral, and Visual Communication because I spent all my hours talking about the writing process and mentoring a variety of students through essays, personal statements, thesis chapters, and business presentations.

I’m interested in the arts, culture, education, non-profit, and travel–but I love adapting to new genres just like I love traveling to new countries and communities.

Even when my main job isn’t writing, it’s often the most valuable contribution I can bring to any team.


As an intern at the Shaw Festival, I assisted with workshops but I was hired to continue working for the Festival in fall 2014 for my concise marketing content. Unlike other academics, I quickly adapted in-depth, jargon-heavy material about Shaw productions into marketable blurbs ready to attract new audiences.

Working as a mentor for individuals with disabilities has also molded me into an even stronger editor and leader. I am used to coordinating schedules, reinforcing deadlines, but also patiently guiding team members and collaborators through a project.

As a playwright and screenwriter, I always write for an audience.

I expect my writing to make an impact, to lead to action. I am not precious with any words, structure, or phrasing that will get in the way of that goal. Fighting to synthesize complex ideas and a large breadth of research into a small, accessible package easily consumable by readers and/or viewers is my favorite type of problem-solving.

Talk to me at margaretsulc@gmail.com about the written content or editor you need for your next project.


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